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Capacity : 125kg to 1t

KITO Electric Chain Hoist EQ maximizes the characteristics of its dual speed inverter. And we stick with the control design. Motor-frame integration has materialized an ultimate light-weight, compact size, while maintaining high functions. Equipped with OLL the electronic overload protection device and friction clutch to ensure operational safety and environmental friendliness.Designed light-weight and compact, unique-shape push button switches are easy to grab and operate.

  • Ultimate Light-weight

  • Reliable Safety

  • Compact Size

  • Meticulous Dedicated Design

  • Cool Design and Intelligent Function

รอกโซ่ไฟฟ้า รุ่น EQ 1 ตัน

Cool Design and Intelligent Function

Reliable Safety

Maintaining safety is the most important task for lifting equipment, and is essential for stable operation. To ensure safety, KITO utilizes a triple safety mechanism consisting of an originally developed electronic overload limiter and friction clutch and upper-lower limit switch. When the inverter detects an overload, the electronic overload limiter turns off the power to the motor to stop lifting the load.

The friction clutch is an emergency overload protection device that idles the motor when subjected to an excessive load over the rated capacity. Friction clutch performance is not easily compromised with changes in the surrounding temperature. In the case of irregular loading, this operates in advance toprevent the hoist body or load chain from being damaged.

In the event that a load is lifted or lowered excessively, the limit switch stops the motor, preventing hoist or load chain damage. (Not regular use)


Enhanced Durability

Load chain (Super strength)

KITO’s world class original supper strength nickel-plated load chain certified by German Institute, uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear.

Unique motor frame fins & fan cover

A unique fan-cooled motor with motor frame fins and a fan cover have been configured into a purpose built design. This design produces a much quieter motor unit as well as enhanced fan cooling capabilities.

EQ-Motor Frame
EQ-Fan Cover
ER2_load chain



Motorized Trolley MR2

Bearing built-in side rollers provide smooth running through the minimum radius curve and excellent traversing performance with preventive derailment.

Plain Trolley TSP

Designed for light load manual applications (125kg to 5t)


Plain Trolley TSP



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